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Labor Endorses Mayor Luke

Posted by at Monday February 18, 2013

While leading Pittsburgh’s comeback, Mayor Luke has been a champion for the working class in our city. He isn’t just another politician — he’s a man of the people, willing to work with government, private industry and workers to find common-sense solutions to move our city forward.

Mayor Luke believes Pittsburghers have the right to full employment and a good wage – that everyone willing and able to work in the city should be able to find a job that pays a fair wage. The mayor understands this requires public and private investment in our city, and he has championed improving our infrastructure and investing in new construction. 

Mayor Luke believes all of us have the right to full participation in the electoral process. Limiting voter participation runs counter to the core values of our Democracy. Mayor Luke worked to get out the vote for President Barack Obama, and he will continue to fight for voting rights in Pennsylvania.

Mayor Luke believes workers have a right to a voice at work – that all workers have the right of free association in the workplace, including the right to collectively bargain with employers to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. 

Mayor Luke believes workers and our families have the right to a quality education. The mayor knows educating and training our workers is vital for Pittsburgh and America to compete in the 21st Century. Under the mayor’s leadership, the city has opened employment centers for job training; and the mayor’s Pittsburgh Promise scholarship makes higher education affordable for students who otherwise could not afford to continue their education.

Mayor Luke believes all of us have the right to a secure, healthy future – a base-line level of health care, unemployment insurance and retirement security. The mayor will continue to work with all parties to find a long-term solution for the financial issues we face, while protecting the retirement investments made by working men and women. 

Our organizations represent more than ten thousand Pittsburghers who have benefited from the mayor’s policies.  We will make phone calls, knock on doors, and vote for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, on May 21st, to ensure he’s re-elected and can continue to lead Pittsburgh’s comeback.


Ken Broadbent, Business Manager, Steamfitters Local 449

Michael R. Dunleavy, Business Manager, IBEW Local 5

Darrin Kelly, Trustee, Firefighters Local 1

Joe King, President, Firefighters Local 1

James T. Kunz, Business Manager, Operating Engineers Local 66

Rich Stanizzo, Business Manager, Pittsburgh Building Trades Council

William Waterkotte, Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters